An option is a contract between the buyer and the seller that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset before a specified future period.

Index option services is a financial instrument that covers NIFTY Option Calls and Bank Nifty. Since its inception, this financial instrument has an increase in volume making it attractive for traders to take the opportunity of the benefits that arise from the volatility in the Options market.

Nifty option is a derivative instrument that can be used to hedge the Nifty of NSE.  Depending upon the market conditions a client can buy a call or a put option. The client will buy a call in a bullish market and will buy a put option in a bearish market.

 A Bank Nifty is a derivative tool that can be used to hedge the risk of banks in the Indian market. A client may buy a Bank Nifty call, or a Bank Nifty put depending upon the bank movements.

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Specialized features:

  • We help to prepare a plan for intraday traders.
  • We provide recommendations to traders for trading in Nifty options.
  • Our team of experts ensures to provide the best tips that are based on conducted technical research on stock options.
  • We ensure to provide 1-2 tips daily.
  • We provide timely follow Ups of all the calls. 
  • We provide all important Market-related News and information.
  • Our team of experts will provide NIFTY Option Calls and Bank NIFTY overview with Resistances and supports.
  • We provide domestic and World Market Overview.
  • We ensure to provide a daily newsletter and weekly reports.
  • We will provide advice through SMS and chat rooms. 
  • We ensure to provide 24X7 customer support.